Live Chat

TAN invites you to participate in cross-communication discussions on any essential tremor or related movement disorders theme,
including but not limited to treatment options, research, disability rights, school accommodations, grass roots advocacy and
emotional support. TAN’s Chat offers encouragement, provides for laughter and tears, and makes one feel comfortable to ask FAQs.

Live Chat offers an opportunity to meet people diagnosed with the same or similar movement disorders, individuals searching
for the answers to an accurate diagnosis, as well as listen to and interact with a variety of health practitioner guests.

Unmoderated visits to Live Chat are welcome when the Thursday evening or scheduled chats are not in use. The standard
“logging all chats” policy applies to everyone who uses Live Chat.

Enter your Username and then click Login to connect to Live Chat. You will need
Java to view and participate in the Live Chat sessions.

Contact TAN with any questions, including help in
navigating Live Chat.

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