About TAN

Gender gap and geography are not obstacles in Shaking the World to Find a Cure. Movement disorders do not discriminate,
are worldwide, and know no age barrier. Generations Millennial (Y), X, Baby Boomers, Silent, the Establishment and not yet
born inherited or sporadic movement disorder generations, are well represented in the development and implementation of
Tremor Action Network activities and programs.

TAN is the first volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit organization founded by people diagnosed with essential
tremor, cervical dystonia (spasmodic torticollis), Parkinson’s Disease and tremor related neurological movement disorders. The volunteers’
spirit is: “An opportunity to help find better treatments and a cure.”

Tremor Action Network is dedicated to advocating for the millions of diagnosed and undiagnosed children, adults, and
next generations affected by essential tremor and tremor related neurological disorders.

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