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Essential Tremor Support
Tremor Action Network Message Board
TAN Message Board provides instant cross-communication on any essential tremor theme, including but not limited to treatment options, research, disability rights, school accommodations, grass roots advocacy and emotional support.

TAN hosts a real-time chat each Thursday evening, beginning at 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Band-Aides & Blackboards
Uniquely designed website about growing up with medical problems, including the remembrance by a TAN Board member as a child growing up with essential tremor.

Yahoo! Tremor
Yahoo health group affiliated with Tremor Action Network. Email Forum is open for discussion on types of essential tremor and coping with the neurological disorder.

French-speaking organization which defends the interests of people with essential tremor and wants to make known the importance of this neurological disorder to the general public.

APTES est une organisation francophone qui defend les interets des personnes atteintes de tremblement essentiel et veut faire connaitre l’importance de ce desordre neurologique aupres du grand public. APTES gere un site internet

Yahoo! Tremblement Essentiel
Yahoo health group affiliated with APTES. Un groupe de soutien et de discussion.

Vereniging voor Tremor Patienten
The first dutch-speaking group of patients with ET or any other kind of motion disorder . A chat meeting is planned on Wednesday and information will be kept updated on the website.

U bent van harte welkom op de nederlandse site
Elke Woensdag avond is er van 20.00 tot 22.00 een chat. Wij proberen zoveel mogelijk onze nederlandse deelnemers met elkaar in contact te brengen.

International Essential Tremor Foundation
Founded to provide patients with timely information. The organization promotes support groups to help people help themselves.

National Tremor Foundation
United Kingdom charitable trust affiliated with the IETF. Provides information, services and support.

Topamax Trip
Message board that provides “collective experiences” with the drug Topiramate.

Essential Tremor Patient Information
We Move
Movement disorders website with the most inclusive data for essential tremor patients, caregivers and medical professionals.

World leader in medical technology. Provides solutions for people with movement disorders. Activa Tremor Control Therapy developed for people whose essential tremor has created a significant disability in performing daily life activities.

Educational aids specifically designed to provide clinically accurate information on essential tremor.

Look Smart
Search directory for essential tremor, including different types of tremor, research and treatment.

Neurology Channel
Provides comprehensive information about conditions that affect the nervous system (brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles), such as tremor.

Colorado Neurological Institute
The largest neuroscience and neurology center in the Rocky Mountain region. The CNI Movement Disorders Center utilizes a team of professionals to provide programs and services for patients with neurological disorders.

Georgetown University Hospital
The specialists at Georgetown University Hospital – one of the nation’s highest rated neuroscience programs – offer the most thorough evaluations, accurate diagnoses, treatments and technologies to help manage your Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor or dystonia for optimum results.

Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center of Maryland
Provides expert, compassionate care for persons with movement disorders using a multidisciplinary approach and up to date treatment modalities.

Penn State University
Penn State Department of Neurology at Milton S. Hershey Medical Center provides comprehensive neurological care for patients with all types of neurological disorders. Penn State neurologists and neuropsychologists provide care at several locations.

University of Virginia
Department of Neurology is Virginia’s foremost research and treatment center for disorders affecting the nervous system. U.S. News & World Report ranks the neurology department among the nation’s top 20 centers.

Related Movement Disorders
The Brain Matters
Site to help better understand common disorders of the brain.

Care 4 Dystonia
Community based organization dedicated to patient care, awareness, collaboration and movement disorder education.

Association truly dedicated to helping people find a faster diagnosis and more effective treatment; thus empowering them to achieve a higher quality of life. ST affects approximately 500,000 people in the USA alone.

Dystonia Medical Research Foundation
Foundation addresses the needs of individuals and families affected with all forms of dystonia. FAQ on website that dystonia may give the appearance of essential tremor.

Off Center Productions
Brain surgery documentary on Deep Brain Stimulation. Personal narration by award-winning television producer on the DBS medical procedure to overcome Parkinson’s tremors.

The Parkinson’s Institute
Institute focuses on research for Parkinson’s disease and related movement disorders.

Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation
Established to make the Northwest a leading world center of movement disorders knowledge and treatment.

Parkinson’s Disease Foundation
National organization devoted to research and advocacy. PDF staff familiar with essential tremor.

World leader in medical technology. Provides solutions for people with movement disorders. Activa Tremor Control Therapy developed for people whose essential tremor and related movement disorders dystonia and Parkinson’s, has created a significant disability in performing daily life activities.

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