Tremor Action Network (TAN) Mission

To spread awareness of essential tremor by advocating for a cure through research.



Educate the public at large about the millions of children and adults afflicted with essential tremor.


Build a network of advocates.

Connect a community of persons with the common interest to inform the general public, government agencies and the health care industry on the needs of the essential tremor population.


Open the door for more federal and private sector funding of essential tremor research.

Support projects for researchers to move forward with new treatments and a cure.

About TAN

Gender gap and geography are not obstacles in Shaking the World to Find a Cure. Essential tremor does not discriminate, is worldwide, and knows no age barrier. Generations X & Y, Baby Boomers, Silent, the Establishment and not yet born inherited or sporadic essential tremor generations, are well represented in the development and implementation of Tremor Action Network activities and programs.

TAN is the first volunteer only 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created by people diagnosed with essential tremor. The volunteers’ spirit is: “An opportunity to help find better treatments and a cure.”

Tremor Action Network is dedicated to advocating for the millions of diagnosed, undiagnosed children and adults.


The daily operation of TAN is through the munificent giving of volunteers. Tremor Action Network is administered by a working Board of Directors: Andrea Goldstein, RN, Salli Elizabeth James, Hokuto Morita, M.A. Neuroscience, Nancy Muller, Kathleen Welker, and Honorary Director Beka Serdans, RN and Founder of Care4Dystonia, Inc.

The website is maintained by Whitney of Whitney Chavis Designs, and Sarah of The Goblin Lair. TAN’s website is designed with the essential tremor community in mind, including text size adjustment, page numbered links for easy web page scrolling and easy clicks to contact TAN.

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Legal Liability Disclaimer

Tremor Action Network et al. is not liable for use of the website, including information of any kind.

Communication sent to TAN, emails, faxes (electronic) and snail mail (postal), may be used for charitable and educational purposes.

Information on the website is for personal viewing only. Data may not be redistributed (stored or transmitted), including third party copyright material.

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