Quality of Life (10:18)

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Essential Tremor Brain Study
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Essential Tremor and Dystonia Quality of Life

WE MOVE invited TAN Advocate Monica Archer and TAN Director Kathleen Welker to attend the February 22, 2005 coalition webinar for the Life In Motion campaign. Taking a cue from the campaign objective – “to raise awareness of movement disorders,” Monica and Kathleen called on people to provide “personal stories” for essential tremor and dystonia outreach. TAN Directors Janice Bolick and Jennifer Kelling, and friend Doug Benkert responded to producing a video, narrated and directed by David Archer.

The compelling video is about four individuals struggling with activities of daily living. The narrative describes the quality of life challenges people face after the diagnosis of a movement disorder. Essential tremor and dystonia are responsible for a “range of maladies,” separate from the well documented chronic and progressive physical impairments. Tremor Action Network is committed to awareness of movement disorders; especially, essential tremor, dystonia, and related movement disorders. Tremor Action Network expresses a deep gratitude to Monica, Janice, Jennifer, Doug and David, for their individual and collective participation in this video project.

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