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NYIT Genetic Variation Study
Volunteers needed. If you are diagnosed with ET and would like to learn more about a research study into the genetic causes of ET please contact Dr. David Tegay at: (516) 686-3897 to arrange to speak with a study investigator.

Columbia University Genetic Study
Participants with 1st degree relatives have the most genes in common. Must meet 5 criteria to be eligible. You may live anywhere in the United States. Researchers would travel to you. If you would like more information please email tremor genetics.

Trace Center Study
University Wisconsin-Madison is looking for adults who have physical disabilities to participate in a study for evaluating usability of information technology. If you would like to help the Trace Center in making information technology devices that are more accessible, please call 608-263-1156 or send an e-mail to Trace Study.


A unique heating pad and cold pack made with cherry pits, is a natural effective way to relieve muscle pain and spasms, stiff joints, sore muscles, cramps, headaches, stress, tension and much more.

Allsup Inc.

Allsup has helped tens of thousands receive their entitled Social Security disability benefits. Allsup has a 97 percent award rate.

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