Movement Disorder Experts ? Colorado

Name: Maureen Leehey, MD
Interests: Parkinsons, movement disorders
Medical Center: University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Address: 4200 East 9th Avenue
City: Denver, CO 80262
Phone: 303-315-6456
Name: Lynn Parry, MD
Interests: movement disorders
Address: 2460 W 26th Avenue, Suite 220C
City: Denver, CO 80211
Phone: 303-455-5387
Name: Pinky Agarwal, MD
Interests: dystonia, essential tremor, Parkinsons, tremors, movement disorders
Medical Center: Colorado Neurology, PC
Address: 701 E. Hampden Avenue, Suite 530
City: Englewood, CO 80113
Phone: 303-788-4600
Name: Gerald C. McIntosh
Interests: movement disorders
Medical Center: Neurology Associates
Address: 1221 E Elizabeth Street, Suite 3
City: Fort Collins, CO 80524
Phone: 970-482-4373
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