Shaking the World to Find a Cure
Advocates are people, children and adults, who have the capability to effect a cure for essential tremor. Advocates’ actions are essential to spread awareness of essential tremor by advocating for a cure through research. Tremor Action Network Advocate Agenda includes building a network of advocates to inform the public, government agencies and the health care industry on the needs of the essential tremor population. TAN pledges to promote advocacy through novel and creative activities.

Tremor Action Network Awareness Message Card
Essential tremor is so common yet transparent. Outside of individuals and families afflicted with essential tremor, the public at large is not familiar with the “most populated” movement disorder.

TAN’s awareness message is an ice breaker! Key words on eight lines clearly define ET. The card is designed to hand out to friends, co-workers, family and medical practitioners. Health care providers within and outside the field of neurology may be interested in displaying cards in their office and giving to patients with essential tremor.
Complete the Advocate Form to receive the free message card. To order additional cards, call TAN or send an email request to [email protected]. TAN welcomes people of all ages, professions, to advocate for ET. Spread awareness…tell a friend!

Join TAN for Brain Awareness Week
Tremor Action Network in partnership with Society for Neuroscience SfN, Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives DANA and Care4Dystonia C4D, has joined the Brain Awareness Week national and international campaign to increase local community awareness about the brain, essential tremor and the related movement disorder, dystonia. BAW activities come in “all shapes and sizes.”

Nearly 10 million Americans have essential tremor, while 500,000 may have dystonia. Brain Awareness Week offers an opportunity to focus attention on essential tremor and dystonia within the broader context of the brain and brain research.
TAN Advocates will participate in BAW activities with schools, libraries, community centers and various merchants. Both Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives and Society for Neuroscience host Brain Awareness Week websites for the public, which include education resources and downloadable graphics.
For more information on BAW activities Contact TAN. Also visit the TAN website for News updates.

Essential Tremor Watchdogs
In-between TAN Action Alerts, be empowered to be heard. Send your own message about essential tremor to the media, state and federal officials. Enter your zip code or search by state. Click on Go!

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