Tremor Action Network is the only patient advocacy organization that has educational videos of essential tremor and cervical dystonia patients translated in both English and Español. Please visit TAN’s YouTube Channel to watch the entire collection of educational videos for a better understanding of movement disorders.

Life with Movement Disorders

Essential Tremor and Cervical Dystonia Awareness

Temblor Esencial y Distonía Espasmódica

#1 watched video
Cervical Dystonia Diagnosis

Essential Tremor Patient

Essential Tremor Patient

Essential Tremor Right and Left Hand Spiral Drawings

Essential Tremor Right and Left Hand Target Test

Audio Recordings

Essential Tremor PSA – Alice Cooper (33 seconds)

The WGVU Morning Show (15:05)

The Jordan Rich Show (14:23)

Essential Tremor PSA – Alice Cooper

Ray McCarty, retired Vice President, General Manager of Buckley Broadcasting KSEQ and K100 in Visalia Fresno, CA generously offered to create Public Service Announcements for Tremor Action Network. The awareness of movement disorders is a topic very dear to Mr. McCarty, because he is familiar with the knowledge that it can take four to five years to get an accurate diagnosis. In the meantime, individuals are dealing with a very difficult condition, trying to figure out what is wrong with them.

With Mr. McCarty’s help, Alice Cooper voiced the PSA copy for essential tremor. We thank Mr. McCarty and Alice Cooper for creating awareness for ET and TAN. Mr. McCarty distributed a letter to radio station colleagues throughout the Country, who raised more awareness by forwarding Alice Cooper’s PSA to friends in broadcasting to help get this disorder some attention. Mr. McCarty was overwhelmed by the response and feedback he received.

As many as 500 stations or more participated in Mr. McCarty’s request to help generate awareness of this disease.

The WGVU Morning Show

A service of Grand Valley State University, WGVU is an NPR station providing programs to the community of West Michigan. Shelley Irwin is the producer and program host of The WGVU Morning Show. Shelley’s program is an eclectic mix of national and local interviews, featuring “newsmakers, authors, politicians, actors and more, as well as a local focus on events, health and news.”

On March 15, 2005, Shelley interviewed guests Michigan native Monica Archer, and former TAN Director Janice Bolick. As spokespersons for Brain Awareness Week, Monica and Janice helped educate public radio listeners about the brain diseases, essential tremor and spasmodic torticollis.

Tremor Action Network congratulates Shelley on winning the 2005 Gracie Allen Individual Achievement Award for “Outstanding Program Host Radio.” Shelley received the 2004 Gracie Allen Award for “Best Program Host.”

The Jordan Rich Show

Boston is a city steeped in history, including WBZ Radio. The now news/talk station was “the first commercially licensed radio station,” airing on September 19, 1921. On a clear day, listeners from 38 states and areas of Canada can tune into WBZ, and The Jordan Rich Show.

Jordan is not only a radio host, but an inspirational speaker. He is passionate about nonprofits. Jordan volunteers for several organizations, including “the Heart Association, American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, March of Dimes, and Children’s Hospital.” Past TAN Director Andrea Goldstein is a long time listener and caller. Andrea shares a warm relationship with the compassionate host. Jordan turned Andrea into a “real guest” on April 15, 2005. Jordan admittedly knew nothing about essential tremor, but thanks to Andrea, he researched the disease. Andrea was invited to be on his program to discuss the Essential Tremor Syndrome, and Andrea’s connection to Tremor Action Network.

Tremor Action Network thanks Jordan for spreading the word to everyone that they can get help and information for essential tremor by contacting TAN.

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