Technology and Tremor: How can technology help manage tremor?

Technology and Tremor: How can technology help manage tremor?

Technology is always moving fast but not always in the area where we personally need it. Fortunately inventors and programmers are realizing how much technology can help those of us with disabilities. New devices and apps are being developed all the time. Here are just a few to get you started on helping technology to manage your tremor.

Cell Phone Tech. Smart Phones (and tablets) are the quickest growing market for disability support. Two items I personally use on my smart phone are the voice to text and the LiftPulse app ( . The voice to text allows my phone to translate my speech into text. I use it for texting, writing emails and google searches. I have a Samsung Galaxy 4s which comes with all the Google speech functionality built in. The iPhone has something similar. The LiftPulse app is a way to measure and document my tremor. LiftPulse is available for both android and Apple devices.

Laptop / Tablet. When using a tablet, a bluetooth keyboard is a great way to get the functionality of a real keyboard without using the virtual one that pops up. Most bluetooth keyboards come in a package that is effectively a case for your tablet. When you open the case, your tablet is displayed in a vertical position with the keyboard perpendicular to it, just like a laptop. For a laptop, a bluetooth or wireless keyboard may be easier depending on the keyboard. I have seen oversized keyboards that would certainly be easier to deal with than the small keys normally on a laptop. Many tablets also have the voice to text function that cell phones have. There are also many note taking apps that will allow you to either hand write, if that is easier than typing, or speak your notes. Some people find it is easier to use a stylus to operate their tablet. That is a very individual choice. For me a stylus does not work as well. Dragon Naturally Speaking is the granddaddy of all speak to text programs. There is a free app for both android and Apple devices if you want to try Dragon before investing in the full program for your laptop.

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Wardrobe Tech. Magnaready is a company who was started by a woman whose husband had Parkinsons. He had difficulty buttoning his shirts. She invented a great looking workaround. The Magnaready shirts are available for men and women ( .


Kitchen Tech. So far the area of kitchen technology is sparsely populated. One outstanding device is the Liftware Spoon ( . It senses the individual’s tremor and compensates for it. Lift Labs is developing other attachments like a fork. There is not much technology involved per se in Camelbak bottles but that is what I use for cold liquids. The Camelbaks ( are spill proof. They are very popular with athletes, one of which I am not, but I love the fact that no matter how bad my hands are that day, I will not end up wearing what is in the bottle. The Handsteady ( cup can be used for hot or cold liquids although it cannot be microwaved.

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Tech in other areas of the house. Magnetized tools are tremor patients best friends when it comes to trying to put that pesky screw back in.

All of us who deal with tremors have found or are still searching for ways of coping. If you found something that works, share! Chances are another tremor patient is struggling with the same issue and would appreciate your insight. Support, Share and Educate.

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Nannette Halliwell
TAN Blog Editor

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